Wednesday, 9 April 2008

SEO for business with two sides

I've been looking into how best to optimise the search engine results position for a local company called Bell Leisure. They have two quite distinct sides to their business: one half is selling pool and snooker tables, and anything related, and the other half sells, installs, and maintains swimming pools and hot tubs.

Their current site is all under the single domain, with two sub-directories for the two halves of the business. The effect seems to be that their site is listed well in pool and snooker table categories, and also appears well in search results for these types of product. However the swimming pool side of the business doesn't appear well in search results, presumably because it doesn't fit within the categorisation of the site as a whole.

If the company agrees, I'm going to try splitting the site into two separate sub-domains, one for each distinct part of their business.

So will move to, and will move to I'll leave the existing "home" page at, and will put in permanent re-directs for the other pages, so previously-created links will still work.

Local Post Office Closures

Following closure of many of the small local Post Offices here, we now have a terrible situation and dramatic loss in service. The central Post Office in Lancing is now always heavily congested, with long queues and waiting times even at off-peak times.

The net result is that what used to be a ten-minute job, to walk to the local Post Office to post a parcel, now takes more than an hour.

Yet another case of corporate profit taking precendence over public service.